Sonic Mania Adventures
Image: SEGA

At this year's SXSW, Sega was planning to host a 'Gotta Go Fast' Sonic the Hedgehog panel to discuss the blue blur's "latest" happenings and his next steps for 2020 and beyond. It was even set to feature "special guests" from the Sonic Team.

In the following month, this conference was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, and since then, Sonic fans have been left wondering when these announcements will be shared. In a Sonic Official YouTube episode dating back to June - Sega of America's associate influencer manager, Katie Chrzanowski, provided an update about what's going on behind the scenes.

Basically, the team has a "new format" for announcements and wants to stick with it, so it's currently reworking things:

"I know a lot of people were asking about the South by Southwest announcements that we were going to have - because we were going to do a new format for that and then with COVID happening we had to kind of push that off. And we really want to stay with the format that we were thinking of, which still, unfortunately, is not a viable thing for us to do. So just kind of in general everything that is going to happen with South by is kind of being split up and we're trying to figure it out day by day, how we can best show you guys how that's going and then use this new format for things in the future"

"Fear not, fear not, there will be announcements in the future, we're just making sure that we're doing it the right way, getting all the right people involved and making it the best we can."

These announcements are believed to be tied to Sonic's 30th-anniversary celebrations, which will take place next year in 2021.

Last year, Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka confirmed the next major Sonic title was in development and said Sega was already preparing for its mascot's birthday. This year, in May, Sega's CEO Ivo Gerscovich mentioned how the company had "exciting" Sonic-related news it couldn't wait to share.

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