Update (Mon 17th Aug, 2020 09:45 BST): Last month, Nintendo announced that a second bonus Splatfest was on the way to Splatoon 2, with even more of the things planned to take place before the end of March 2021. As a quick reminder, the first of these is taking place this weekend - make sure to choose your side and train up for the big day.

Original Article (Tue 21st Jul, 2020 13:45 BST): Remember when Nintendo told us that Splatoon 2 had held its final Splatfest last July? Yeah, liars.

Today, Nintendo has announced a second bonus Splatfest, set to take place next month. It follows the Team Mayo vs Team Ketchup match from May, bringing back another classic Splatfest topic from days gone by: Chicken vs Egg.

It's all kicking off on 21st August - so you've got a whole month to prepare - and will last for the usual 48 hours.

Interestingly, though, there's even more Splatoon goodness on the horizon. Nintendo has also revealed that two more bonus Splatfests will take place in the game "before the end of March 2021".

Will you be diving into this returning Splatfest? Which team will you be siding with? Let us know in the comments.