Switch Hypnospace Outlaw
Don't worry, you haven't gone back in time. This is a screenshot from Hypnospace Outlaw, coming to Switch next week...

The Switch is a pretty flexible console when it comes to controller options, with its Joy-Con and Pro Controllers working across handheld, tabletop and docked modes, but did you know that you can also use a mouse and keyboard?

The setup isn't supported in all games, as you can likely gather for yourself, but Indie World Showcase star Hypnospace Outlaw will make full use of the Switch's ability to work with your PC equipment. Mike Rose, of the game's publisher, No More Robots, has explained that not only will the game support mouse and keyboard, but that Nintendo actually suggested the idea.

It's an absolutely perfect fit, too. The game is a '90s internet simulator where players scroll through a wide variety of websites, download things to their desktops, and hunt down virtual villains as part of their role with the 'Hypnospace Patrol Department'. It's launching on Switch next week, and you can check out a free demo available on the eShop as we speak.

If you happen to have a spare USB keyboard and mouse that you can use, why not try playing this quirky title with an equally quirky setup?

Did someone say Mario Paint for Switch?

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