Nintendo Switch TV
Image: Pjmonday

One thing we didn't expect to see when the Switch launched back in 2017 was a trend of homemade TV displays made to look like the new portable console. Given the console's screen dimensions, we guess it does look a little bit like a mini TV screen in your hands, so why not make the whole thing jumbo-sized by sticking Joy-Con on your big screen, too?

The photo you see before you comes courtesy of Reddit user Pjmonday, who shared the snap online. The Joy-Con and Super Mario 3D World background have been printed - they must be pretty huge because the TV itself is 75 inches - and it's all been set up in the kids' playroom, ready for hours of gaming fun in the future, no doubt.

It's quite a cool idea for a kids gaming room, we're sure you'll agree, although this isn't the first time we've seen such a project come to life. YouTube user Chris Salomone also created a Switch TV display where the Joy-Con doubled up as storage cabinets, and our favourite so far is Suprman9's bulky 3D effort that looks great alongside lots of other gaming goodies.

Perhaps we should recreate this at Nintendo Life HQ when life goes back to normal? Or perhaps we shouldn't, because we'd probably never get anything done ever again.