The Switch TV display in progress
The Switch TV display in progress (Image: Chris Salomone)

Putting everyone else's gaming spaces to shame, this homemade Nintendo Switch TV setup could well be the answer to your home interior dreams - and also an amazing way to annoy everyone else in the house.

Shared online by YouTube user Chris Salomone, this giant display has turned his TV into a humongous Switch console. You'd think that a setup like this wouldn't be the most practical (how exactly do you access the TV's ports, for example?) but it actually has a particularly clever feature to make up for that.

The Joy-Con on either side of the screen aren't only there to look cool; they actually double up as cabinets to store all of your gaming accessories, controllers, and games themselves. You can watch the entire thing be made in this video below.

You may remember that just a couple of months ago, we shared a similar project which turned a 65-inch TV into an amazing, complete Switch design. We're not sure where this new trend of turning TVs into supersized games consoles has come from, but we're certainly up for seeing more.

If you feel like making something similar to this at home, you can find links to the products Chris used in the video's description on YouTube. We wouldn't have the skill or creativity necessary to pull it off, but we're sure some of you could do wonders with the right tools.

Feeling inspired to make your own display? Make sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.