Nintendo Indie World Showcase Lightbulb

Well, with only a day's notice Nintendo has broadcast another Indie World Showcase filled with 23-ish minutes of indie goodness. It was a tight broadcast with over twenty titles shown off and a host of games surprise launching today (they may very well be available on eShop by the time you're reading this!).

While many fans are still waiting on a full-fat Nintendo Direct (one that, realistically-speaking, may not come this year at all), there were still plenty of great games to get excited for in today's presentation. Raji: An Ancient Epic looked particularly intriguing (and is out today), as did Torchlight III, Manifold Garden (also launching today), Hypnospace Outlaw, and of course, hounding innocent villagers as a pair of rowdy nameless geese! It was a packed little presentation all right, with arguably a little something for everybody.

But what did you think? We're keen to hear your thoughts, so let us know by taking part in the poll questions below (and feel free to go into more detail in the comments):

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What were the most exciting games and announcements from the August Nintendo Indie World Showcase?

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Let us know below if the August 2020 Nintendo Indie World Showcase hit the spot for you with a comment in the usual place. Will you be downloading any of those shadow-dropped indie games?