Astral Chain - First Anniversary
Image: Yuki Suda / Nintendo / PlatinumGames

It seems like a lifetime ago (at least to us) since the action-adventure hack and slash Astral Chain arrived exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, but this week it's only just reached the one year mark.

To celebrate the game's first anniversary, PlatinumGames prepared a special Lappy cake for the occasion, and Platinum concept artist Yuki Suda and scenario writer Akiteru Naka drew the following illustrations:

Platinum's Hideki Kamiya - a supervisor on the project - also supposedly joined in on the fun by apparently sending out an English tweet that simply read "Astral Chain 2". The tweet (assuming the screenshot doing the rounds online isn't a fake) appears to now be unavailable on his Twitter page.

Real, fake or even a joke - we're sure Kamiya already has enough on his plate between Bayonetta 3 and Project GG.

If you haven't played Astral Chain already, what are you waiting for? The game "sold above expectations" (presumably a lot of people like it) and we awarded it nine out of ten stars in our review and said it was one of the standout hits available on the Nintendo Switch.