GungHo Online Entertainment has been closely monitoring its bubblegum brawler Ninjala since it was released in June and it seems there's trouble brewing.

According to the latest post on the official game site, the Japanese publisher and developer has observed a number of players in recent times "repeatedly idling" and engaging in various other "unsportsmanlike behavior" in battle.

If it continues, GungHo says it's more than happy to dish out match bans and suspend play accounts. Here's the full rundown:

Currently, we have observed the following behavior in Ranked and Free Matches.

- Players going unresponsive in mid-battle
- Players robotically repeating a single action
- Players running around the stage but not participating in battle

Idling and similar conduct ruins the balance of battle and can have an extremely adverse effect on the fairness of the matching system, and is therefore strictly prohibited by the Ninjala Terms of Service.

The Ninjala Team is constantly monitoring reports from our players and various game logs.

If any player is determined to be repeatedly idling or engaging in similarly unsportsmanlike behavior, we reserve the right to take measures such as implementing matching bans or suspending player accounts.

The Ninjala Team endeavors to provide a safe and fair gaming environment for all players, and we ask for your cooperation in enjoying the game responsibly and in accordance with the Terms of Service.

Furthermore, should you encounter any suspected violations, we ask for your cooperation in reporting them to our team.

On a more positive note, the recent update for Ninjala (Version 2.0) removed the matchmaking region lock - meaning you can now play this free-to-play title with anyone from anywhere.

Have you observed any of the above-mentioned behaviour in Ninjala's ranked or free matches? Tell us down below.