Hollow Knight Smash
Image: @lubellide00

We've seen plenty of fan-made takes on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster over the past couple of years - like the time someone decided to transform John Cena into Captain Falcon, or when the art director of God of War created an incredible collection of 'realistic' Smash fighter designs - and this time, we've stumbled across a lovely franchise mash-up project.

Artist and Twitter user @lubellide00 has been hard at work reimagining the entire Smash Ultimate roster as characters from the indie hit, Hollow Knight. Mario, Link and friends have been completely transformed, with each fighter now sporting a fitting bug-like appearance.

The designs are all pretty fantastic in their own right, but recreating Ultimate's key art and that iconic mural was a particularly nice touch.

Hollow Smash 2
Image: @lubellide00

Here's a closer look at the designs. They really do look like they've walked right out of Hallownest and onto our screens.

Hollow Smash 5
Image: @lubellide00

If you're liking what you see, you might want to give @lubellide00 a follow. Each of the fighters set to be revealed as part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's second Fighters Pass are going to be treated to their very own post, just like this Min Min design below.

Amazing work, huh? Now, excuse us while we daydream about The Knight being revealed as the next DLC character...

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