Captain Falcon Smash

Considering we haven't had a new game in the series in over 15 years, we appreciate that the following question is a load of nonsense, but were we ever to receive a live-action F-Zero movie, who would you want to take the lead role?

We can think of a fair few candidates who might be able to pull off the 'Falcon Pawwwnch' line, but Instagram artist jackson_caspersz has taken things one step further by drawing up the wonderful piece you see below.

Presenting wrestling star and TV presenter John Cena as Captain Falcon (scroll through to see more images).

Makes sense, right?

The piece is actually part of a collection of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-inspired artworks. Caspersz has uploaded a number of similar designs, including this one of our favourite plumbers.

It reminds us of the amazing, realistic Smash Ultimate drawings from God of War art director, Raf Grassetti. If you haven't seen those yet, we'd urge you to take a look.

So, John Cena as Captain Falcon? Do you have any better ideas? Fire away in the comments below.

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