Shantae GBC

The half-genie hero Shantae recently celebrated her 18th Birthday with the release of Shantae and the Seven Sirens on the Nintendo Switch eShop. That obviously means her original outing on the Game Boy Color is now also 18 years old. So, when are we getting a remake or remaster of sorts?

Siliconera asking a similar question during a recent interview with one of the creators, Matt Bozon. Interestingly, it's been a "hot topic" as of late, and Matt is definitely down for it:

That’s been a hot topic lately! I’d be down for doing that! Of course, we’re all very excited to make new games, too. We’ll need to think long and hard about what the next Shantae adventure will be–but a remake isn’t outside the realm of possibility!

Given how many companies are currently remaking their classic games, now would be a great time to re-release Shantae's first adventure on modern platforms. Or perhaps WayForward might be wanting to line it up with her 20th anniversary in a few years.

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