Super Punch-Out!!

Japanese emulation expert Hamster has revealed during a Niconico livestream that it is adding two more Nintendo coin-op titles to its Arcade Archives range.

Super Punch-Out!! and VS. Baseball – both from 1984 – are the two titles in question. The former is the sequel to Punch-Out!!, which was released during the previous year in Japan.

Outside of introducing new characters, it's not a radical departure from its forerunner, and certainly not as nice to look at as the SNES title of the same name. Still, it retains the unique vertical monitor arrangement which can easily be translated to Switch by playing in TATE mode.

VS. Baseball is part of Nintendo's VS. System range and is based on the NES game. Neither title has a solid release date.

Hamster recently celebrated 100 releases in the Arcade Archive range on the Switch eShop.