Hamster Corp
Image: @HAMSTER_Corp

One company that's shown support for the Nintendo Switch since the very beginning is Hamster Corporation. By now, you probably have at least one of its Arcade Archives games on your HOME Menu. So far, it has released titles made by Nintendo, Taito Corp, Jaleco and many others.

As you might have heard, this week's latest release is Konami's 1991 cowboy classic Sunset Riders. It marks a special occasion for Hamster, as its the 100th Arcade Archives release on the Nintendo Switch. Yep, after a little over three years - it's officially made it to one hundred games. Here's the celebratory tweet, as translated by Google:

Nintendo Switch Arcade Archives has reached 100 titles! We would like to thank all the users who have supported us so far, the game makers who have participated, and everyone at Nintendo!

(Note: this excludes the Neo Geo line-up)

Within this tweet was an image showcasing all of the games released so far - see above (alternatively, you can see the full list on the official Nintendo website).

Tell us, what Hamster ACA games have you added to your Switch collection so far? What's your favourite release? Leave a comment down below.

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