Super Game Boy
Image: Famitsu

If you're as old as some of us here are at Nintendo Life, you might have fond memories of the Super Game Boy. It was an adapter cartridge for the Super Nintendo that allowed you to play Game Boy and dual-mode Game Boy Color cartridges on the big screen - aka your television. Some games, like the Pokémon titles, even had fancy borders and colour palettes.

Today, according to Famitsu, it's been exactly 26 years since Nintendo released this device on the Super Famicom in Japan:

This cartridge peripheral got an upgrade in 1998 with the Japan-only Super Game Boy 2, and later down the line Nintendo released the Transfer Pak (limited to certain titles) on the N64, and eventually the Game Boy Player on the GameCube. When the digital era finally arrived, it began offering its older Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles on the 3DS eShop.

Have you ever used the Super Game Boy? Do you still have one stashed away somewhere? Tell us down below.