Apex Legends for Switch

In April last year, Respawn Entertainment said it was well aware of the demand for its battle royale Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch. The game's lead producer Drew McCoy also previously mentioned how his team would "love" to bring the popular free-to-play title to the hybrid system.

Well, today at EA Play Live, this has been made official. Yes, Respawn Entertainment's latest first-person shooter will be coming to the Switch this Fall. The Nintendo release will also include the newly announced cross-play feature, and you can expect more details about this particular version in the coming months.

Here's what Respawn Entertainment's game director Chad Grenier had to say about this announcement:

We're huge fans of Nintendo here at Respawn and we're incredibly excited to be bringing Apex Legends to the Switch this Fall. And we'll share more details in the months ahead.

So that means you'll be able to squad up no matter where you and your friends prefer to play - Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or on the PC via Origin and Steam. We're throwing out a lifeline and healing the divide between the platforms.

Apex Legends - Cross-play

Will you be dropping into the battlefield to try this out? Leave a comment down below.

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