Last weekend, there was news doing the rounds about a "massive" Nintendo leak revealing all about the Wii generation. It was believed to be a game-changer – with a user on ResetEra explaining how the information contained within the leak could be potentially used to "learn how every single piece of the Wii" was made, thanks to the alleged discovery of source code, design files and much more.

Since then, a member of the "Team Twiizers" Wii hacking group, known as Hector Martin (who also happens to be an IT consultant) has looked into the apparent leak and found it to be "complete nonsense" – explaining to PCMag how the files supply no actual source code to reproduce Nintendo's seventh generation video game console.

Most of the documents discovered are believed to confirm information that was "already" known, or provide "interesting technical tidbits" that come with no practical consequence. Martin goes on to state how someone out there might find something, and might even possibly fix emulator bugs, but whatever is discovered is likely to be incredibly minor – given the timing of this leak.

Most of the docs at this point are confirming things we already knew, or providing interesting technical tidbits, which are fun, but of no practical consequence[.] They contain documentation, source code for some parts of the system software (just a small portion), architecture diagrams and engineering docs like that. I’m sure someone is going to learn something interesting from this, maybe even fix some emulator bugs, but it’s all going to be very, very minor at this stage in the game[.]

Martin has continued to tweet and answer questions about the leak over on Twitter. And Nintendo continues to remain silent about it. You can read more about the supposed findings in our previous story.

[source pcmag.com, via nintendowire.com]