Image: Nintendo Life

Real paintings and sculptures aren't exactly easy to get hold of in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Redd doesn't always show up, and when he does, there's no guarantee any of his goods are even genuine pieces of art. As a result, it's taking quite a while for players to complete the art gallery section within the museum.

One other way to receive art in the game, though, is in the mail. From time to time, villagers might randomly send you either a painting or sculpture. While this was already known, reliable Animal Crossing dataminer Ninji has now shared the fine details about how exactly this system works. In short, you might want to start kicking out any smug villagers to improve your chances, as they'll only send you fakes:

Note: There was no mention of how this works with other personalities (normal, peppy, snooty, sisterly), but if we hear or see anything we'll update this post.

To learn more about Ninji's previous datamine, which revealed just how sly Redd really is, see our previous post. So, will you be evicting all of your smug villagers to increase your chances of receiving some real art in the mail? Leave a comment below.

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