Sat 13th June, 2020 09:30 BST: The YouTuber Wood "BeatEmUps" Hawker has uploaded two videos about his removal from the program. In the most recent one - published on 9th June - he explains how two other creators received the same email.

Clearly, there was a changeover - we went from an old program to a new program, and Nintendo must have used it as a chance to get rid of some creators they felt didn't fit the program anymore. So it wasn't just me, it was a few of us.

Fri 29th May, 2020 05:30 BST: Nintendo has been known to spread the love of um...all things Nintendo with the assistance of marketing companies and influencers, but in recent times it's reportedly been busy restructuring its brand ambassador program.

If you're not familiar with the role of a Nintendo ambassador, it's their responsibility to represent the brand in the best possible light and create smiles by sharing Nintendo's experiences with others.

GoNintendo explains how its own anonymous source with "direct ties" to the program supposedly confirmed the changes. A tweet by Wood Hawker - a YouTuber who runs the popular channel BeatEmUps - seems to support this:

Sadly, Nintendo contacted me today to say their Nintendo Ambassador Program is coming to an end and they would not be continuing my membership.

It feels really weird to not be on their program as I joined them 5 years ago. Nintendo and my channel have been synonymous since 2013.

Hawker also noted how "there may be a new program on the way" and expressed his interest in being involved while at the same time thanking Nintendo for the "love and support" over the last five years.

How should Nintendo utilise brand ambassadors moving forward? Share your thoughts below.

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