PQube and VEWO Interactive Inc. have today announced that Nexomon: Extinction will be launching on Switch and other major platforms this summer.

Just like Temtem, Kindred Fates, and Monster Crown before it, Nexomon: Extinction is another new title hoping to win over fans of the Pokémon series. It's a monster-catching game packed with creatures that can evolve and do battle, joining a genre of games that Pokémon has essentially ruled ever since Red and Blue experienced mainstream success in the '90s.

It's a winning formula, for sure, but it takes something pretty special to tempt Pokémon players away for long. This new release hopes to do just that with its "brand new story, eccentric characters and over 300 unique Nexomon". Here's a feature list:

Classic Monster Catching
Trust yourself to step into the tall grass as you discover, tame and evolve over 300 unique Nexomon! Enjoy catchy chiptunes while travelling the charming 2D world of Nexomon!

Exciting Battles

Face wild Nexomon or the ones of other tamers in exciting battles! The game's dynamic difficulty makes it easy to get into, but will require you to learn about its eleven elemental types to succeed!

Explore a fantastic world

From arid deserts to sprawling forests and freezing tundras: there are many different regions in Nexomon: Extinction, each with special effects on monsters and secrets to uncover!

A new story begins

With its exciting story, quirky characters and a lighthearted companion who doesn't take himself too seriously, Nexomon: Extinction is a delight for fans of classic monster catching!

What do you think? Will Pokémon forever be your favourite monster-catching game? Or do you like trying out similar experiences? Share your thoughts with us below.