Indie publisher Soedesco has revealed that it will be taking control of publishing duties for Monster Crown, a Pokémon-inspired monster taming game we reported on last year.

If you didn't hear about this one, Monster Crown boasts many of the features you would expect to find in a Pokémon game - monster collecting, online battling and trading, and even choosing a starter monster - but focuses on a slightly different perspective. Instead of being centred around collecting and battling, the main emphasis is placed on breeding, allowing you to create brand new species with their very own movesets.

Soedesco has shared the following information about the game in a press release today:

Breeding new monsters
In Monster Crown, players can catch and tame all sorts of monsters and even breed new species with them. Breeding or fusing monsters in Monster Crowncreates brand new species that can be named by the player. These crossbreeds are truly a mix of both parents in every way.

Unravel a deep and dark story about a choice with grave consequences
- Venture online to battle against others, trade and show off your monsters
- Collect 200+ kinds of unique monsters and use them to breed new species
- Discover a sprawling, wild world in which monsters roam around freely

A recent update on developer, Studio Aurum's, Kickstarter page mentions that the console versions - which will include a port to Switch - are now in the works. This, and the acquisition of a publisher which already has experience of releasing games on Switch, seems like a very positive forward step; a release date hasn't been set just yet, but fans and backers are being regularly updated on the game's progress.

You can learn a little more (and see it running on Switch) in this video update below, which was shared before Soedesco was announced as the game's publisher.

Did you back this game last year? Are you looking forward to seeing it release on Switch? Tell us below.