Animal Crossing Glitch
Image: StephenPlays

Animal Crossing: New Horizons glitches seem to be coming in thick and fast these days. In recent times, we've seen a couple of item duplication glitches, one that could bug plots of land, and even one that prevented balloons from appearing. Now, we have yet another one to check out, and this one will no doubt lead to a new swarm of social media snaps.

YouTube user StephenPlays has shared details of a glitch which lets your player character go out of bounds, allowing you to walk over rooftops and even in the sea. To pull it off, all you need is a chair that you can sit on from multiple sides and an object that you can grab on to while sitting down. You'll need a second player to fly over to your island, too.

You can see how it all plays out in the video below. The process involves some precise chair placement (just one pull away from your target building or water) but it all seems relatively simple to do. Note that the only building this won't work with is Resident Services, as you can't place items close enough to its walls.

Nintendo has patched out some of the glitches found previously, so it's possible that this little trick won't be possible forever. If you like the sound of getting some barmy photo ops within the game, you should probably give this a go sooner rather than later.

What will they find next?

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