Update: It would appear that Nintendo heard you loud and clear, as a new patch - taking the game to Version 1.1.3 - has now fixed the issue. That was fast.

Original Article: Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken the world by storm, but that's not to say it hasn't had one or two minor hiccups along the way, including this newly discovered glitch which can prevent players from progressing through their Bunny Day event challenges.

Last week, a glitch was found which essentially rendered plots of land unusable after villagers are evicted - although this has now thankfully been patched by Nintendo. Now, a second glitch is starting to frustrate players who are finding that their islands can no longer receive balloons.

We've seen a number of reports come in over the last couple of days which say that popping 300 balloons prevents more from flying into your island. As you may know, there's a Nook Miles achievement in place for knocking 300 balloons out of the sky in total, and some players suggest that reaching this milestone has caused their game to glitch.

The exact requirements to make this happen aren't clear just yet; some players say that they've unlocked the achievement and no longer receive balloons, while others who have achieved that total haven't had any issues. Fans of the game on Reddit have been trying to analyse their in-game stats such as total villagers, whether the player has a campsite, how many human characters are on the island, and more in an attempt to figure out why only certain users are having an issue. Some have even provided full theories.

Balloons (and their contents) are needed in the current Bunny Day event

Usually, not being able to pop balloons for a while wouldn't be too much of an issue - as long as Nintendo can work on another patch soon - but popping balloons is a major part of the current Bunny Day event. If players have already reached this 300 milestone and can no longer pop balloons on their island, they won't be able to complete all of Zipper's in-game tasks. We can only hope that a new fix is just around the corner.

Have you faced this problem in your copy of the game? Have you popped more than 300 but still going strong? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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