AC Glitch
Image: @NintendoFanGirl

Nintendo has already rolled out two updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. Despite this, there still seems to be some serious glitches that could potentially ruin your experience.

According to a post on the Animal Crossing website, Bell Tree Forums, there's a glitch that can bug plots of land on your island paradise. Here's a quick summary, courtesy of the Twitter user NintendoFanGirl:

The repost over on the ac_newhorizons subreddit goes into more detail, explaining how exactly this glitch can occur. Here's the full explanation:

When you adopt a villager that was FORCED OUT by another player via the CAMPGROUNDS (either amiibo or normal random camper), the plot that the villager will occupy can become bugged and will simply state "'s New Home ". You CANNOT place any more new plots if this happens and the actual villager doesn't move in.

For example. My friend has 10 Villagers and one of them is SKYE. They then scan another villager's card (For example Sterling) and convince him to come for several days. On the third day, to accommodate Sterling, they choose to KICK OUT SKYE, putting her in boxes. Afterwards, I, who wants her, comes along and ADOPTS SKYE. My Island's plot where Skye is supposed to move in can then be glitched.

Villagers that decide to move out on their own accord (they come and tell you via exclamation or thought bubble) are SAFE TO ADOPT even if they originally came via amiibo. What determines the glitch is HOW THEY LEAVE.

Also, just to clarify. Villagers obtained via amiibo from your campsite straight to your own plots are 100% safe for you, the owner of the amiibo. It's the adopting (sending them off to other players who don't have the amiibo) that you should be careful about.

There's apparently a way to resolve the glitch, by removing the plot of land (follow these steps), but there's no guarantee it will work. Some replies in this same thread even said they'd tried the "fix" and had no luck.

The same post encourages all Animal Crossing players to contact Nintendo directly, to ensure this glitch gets resolved. Some already have – with one Reddit user claiming Nintendo already knew about the issue and was in the process of fixing it:

They said they’re in the process of fixing but can’t fix the bug without missing up other bugs right now, so this could take a few days if not, maybe a week. But they are AWARE of this glitch/ bug

Upon further inspection, there are reports of the same glitch over on the official Nintendo Support Forums.

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