Samus Metroid

It would appear that Retro Studios, a subsidiary of Nintendo which is currently working on the highly anticipated Metroid Prime 4, has once again been hiring a number of talented industry folk to bolster its ranks.

As spotted by VGC, the Texas-based developer has brought on a number of new VFX artists - the people responsible for the visual aspect of special effects like explosions, lasers, fire, and the like. The new hires include Adad Morales (Battlefield Hardline), Bryan Erck (Shadow of the Tomb Raider), and Nicholas Wilson (Borderlands 3).

Over the past few months, we've been hearing of plenty of exciting Retro Studios newcomers. The three mentioned above will be joining Mark Capers, previously of New Super Lucky's Tale developer Playful, James Beech (Crysis 3 and DC Universe Online), Stephen Dupree, (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze) and Kyle Hefley (Halo).

We're still yet to see anything of Metroid Prime 4, of course, but seeing all of these names joining the team is certainly a promising prospect. It's now been well over a year since we first heard that development of the game had been scrapped and restarted.

Are you hoping to get a first glimpse at Metroid Prime 4 soon? Are you happy to wait as long as it takes? Let us know with a comment below.