Electronic Arts

“And we’re also planning to deliver for more Nintendo fans...With multiple EA games set to launch on Nintendo Switch this year.”

– Andrew Wilson, EA chief executive officer

Source: The Verge

Electronic Arts recently announced its 'EA Play Live' stream conference would be going all-digital this year. While we've been trying not to get our hopes up for any announcements related to Nintendo's beloved hybrid system, our expectations are now quickly changing.

The third-party video game giant has just released its Q4 fiscal year results and during its conference call, the company apparently said there are "multiple" EA titles set to launch on the Switch this year. Yep, multiple games! Here's the scoop, courtesy of Gematsu:

Where do we start with our requests? A re-release of the Mass Effect trilogy and even the fourth entry would be nice, or how about something like The Sims, or an entry from the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare series? Maybe some Need for Speed games or Battlefield. The list goes on...

Apart from Burnout, which is due out next month, one other Switch game we can probably expect in 2020 is FIFA. That's technically multiple games, right? Perhaps we'll also see the return of Yarny after the Brazillian Classification Board rated the original Unravel game for Nintendo's hybrid device and other platforms last month.

What's your own take on all of this? What would you like to see from EA if it did decide to release more games on the Switch? Leave a comment down below.

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