As Nintendo's focus moves increasingly towards the Switch, it's perhaps expected that sales for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems are starting to see sharper declines.

Over the last financial year (so that's April 2019 - March 2020), Nintendo 3DS generated 0.69 million hardware sales, a 73% year-on-year drop from last year's 2.55 million total. It's a similar story for 3DS software, with only 4.99 million units being shifted compared to last year's total of 13.22 million (a year-on-year drop of 62.3%).

Interestingly, in its fiscal year earnings report, Nintendo hasn't provided any future sales forecast for the system, nor its software. This is the first time that Nintendo has failed to offer up a forecast for the 3DS since it launched, suggesting that its attention is now well and truly elsewhere. Indeed, there are no upcoming releases for 3DS and the console is very rarely mentioned in marketing campaigns these days.

Naturally, Nintendo has provided a sales forecast for the Switch family of systems, predicting that it'll shift 19 million units over the next financial year.

Do you still regularly play on your 3DS? Are you sad that its time has come, or are you happy enough playing with the Switch alone? Tell us below.

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