Street Fighter V

In the first month of this year, EB Games Canada tweeted news about Street Fighter V: Champion Edition coming to the Nintendo Switch. It caused quite a stir on social media until it was confirmed as an error. Street Fighter's executive producer Yoshinori Ono even joked how it was news to his own team at the time.

This short-lived announcement obviously left many Switch owners wondering if Nintendo's hybrid system would receive any other Street Fighter games during its lifespan, and in an interview with US Gamer – dating back to last month – Ono said it could happen if there was another opportunity that made sense.

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Since the Switch came out, we’ve released Ultra Street Fighter II and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for that platform. From a business standpoint, these two titles were a success. We are seeing many competitive titles, including Smash Bros., doing well on Switch and players are enjoying those types of experiences on that platform. If there is another opportunity that makes sense for us, we would consider the Switch again. Regarding Street Fighter 5, it is currently exclusive to PS4 and PC. However, as mentioned above, we do see Switch as an important platform for all types of games.

This follows on from Ono's comments in October last year when he said fans needed to "convince" Nintendo – not Capcom – for more Street Fighter games on the Switch, as Nintendo was supposedly the one to approach the Street Fighter team on previous occasions.

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