The latest indie game to receive a physical edition on Switch is The Sexy Brutale, with a brand new release headed our way from Super Rare Games.

The physical release specialist will be releasing a limited number of physical copies on its official website, with pre-orders actually going live later this week at 6pm GMT on 16th April. Only 5,000 copies will be available in total; 4,000 are Standard Editions, coming with a 20-page full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and three trading cards, and the other 1,000 are Collector's Editions which include the following:

  • 64 page artbook
  • CD Soundtrack
  • A3 poster
  • Full pack of playing cards
  • Full colour comic
  • Complete set of trading cards
  • Everything listed in the standard version
The Sexy Brutale Super Rare Games

The game you'll find on the cartridge includes its latest patch which addresses performance issues found at launch. Speaking of that initial launch, feel free to read our full review of the game if you want to learn more. Here's a snippet:

As short-lived as the story is, The Sexy Brutale is still a standout murder mystery title. The stimulating 3D puzzle and adventure elements makes it one of the best within its genre. The chosen theme and locale is also the exact type of setting you want for a title built on intrigue, murder and mystery. If you’re more of a shoot first, ask questions later sort of player, this might not be for you, but for the type of person who enjoys a slower-paced but equally as rewarding game experience, this is a murder mystery worth looking into.

Fancy getting your hands on a physical edition? Let us know if you manage to get a pre-order with a comment below.