To celebrate MAR10 Day, the Nintendo Official UK Store has released some new and exciting physical products that may well catch your eye.

First up is the Mario and Yoshi Figurine from First 4 Figures - a product which was actually revealed back in March of last year. First 4 Figures is known for its high-quality - and very high-cost - figurines, and it's great to see Mario and Yoshi join the lineup.

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The store also has some lovely looking Super Mario Odyssey prints available in A4 and A3 sizes. They feature some of the colourful cast members from the game including Goomba and the mighty T-Rex and will release on 27th March. A4 prints are £9.99, but clicking through will let you choose an A3 version of your chosen design for £14.99. Or, you could try and win some here.

That's not all, either, as the store currently has a competition running where ordering any Mario game or bundle puts you in with a chance to win one of those expensive Mario and Yoshi figurines. Terms and conditions for that can be found here.

For those of you reading this outside of the UK, remember that Nintendo of America is currently hosting a rather lovely sale on top Mario games to celebrate, too. Happy MAR10 Day!