Beyond Enemy Lines: Essentials

While Switch is starting to get a handful of decent military-style FPS shooters, it still lacks the world’s most famous example of that genre – Call of Duty.

Activision seems content to sit it out as far as Switch is concerned, but until that changes, Nintendo fans are short on viable options – and sadly, we’re not sure that Beyond Enemy Lines: Essentials is going to change that situation.

A snow-covered successor to Beyond Enemy Lines: Covert Operations, Essentials features a new 4-mission campaign, 3 new self-contained ‘single’ missions and a selection of new weapons to make use of.

It will have to go a long way to overcome the issues which plagued its forerunner, however. We awarded it a paltry 3/10 last year, stating:

Beyond Enemy Lines: Covert Operations is an Early Access game that’s come out of the oven less than half-baked. The good intentions of the developer are clear to see in the open-ended nature of each map and the way you approach each objective in your way by opening locked doors and hacking computers rather than shooting your way into a facility, but none of the mechanics in place ever make these conditions feel reliable or rewarding.

Will you be giving it a chance regardless?