StreetsOfRage4 0019

With Streets of Rage 4 still on course for its vague '2020' release date, developer DotEmu has dropped another in its series of behind-the-scenes videos about the game's development. The latest video (below) is a six-minute look at the game's art from Lizardcube's Ben Fiquet and Julian Hguyen You.

Discussing how the pixel art of the original Sega Mega Drive / Genesis trilogy has informed the direction of this sequel, the pair also talk about the importance of using environments to drive the story and paying homage to the 16-bit games while doing something different. Looking at the sheer amount of beautiful background scenery, it's easy to see how this eagerly awaited game has soaked up so much development time.

The entire video is a must-watch for fans, although even if you're not we highly recommend skipping to just before the 4-minute mark for a glimpse of some exceptionally sexy parallax scrolling. We like that sort of thing a lot.

We're very much looking forward to hitting the Streets of Rage once again sometime this year. You? Let us know if you reckon it's gonna be a grand upper below.