A few days ago we got treated to a new trailer for Streets of Rage 4, which introduced a new character called Floyd, who's set to dish out some serious damage with his incredibly strong cybernetic arms. Although Floyd’s movement and health recovery are slower than most, he boasts the longest reach among the playable roster and an awful lot of power, ensuring any combo he puts an enemy through will be devastating.

Perhaps the most exciting news, however, was that Streets of Rage 4 will offer four-player co-op gameplay. While we got a quick look at it in the trailer, the lucky folks over at GameSpot have put up 11 minutes of gameplay footage from their time testing out the mighty co-op mode... and we have to say it's all looking pretty grand (upper).

Are you pumped for the release of Streets of Rage 4 later this year? Do you think DotEmu might have a few more surprises up its sleeve still? Let us know with a comment below.