The Mother series hasn't really been acknowledged since Nintendo released EarthBound Beginnings on the Wii U eShop in 2015, but it hasn't necessarily been forgotten about.

Although the series' creator Shigesato Itoi has previously said he's not interested in making a fourth entry, a recent tweet by his company, Hobonichi Shinbun, asked followers if there are any manga artists who like Mother series. Here's a look:

Mother Request
Image: @1101complus

According to a translation by Siliconera, Hobonichi Shinbun is taking suggestions for a potential manga artist in the replies section and via email. The tweet also says it doesn't want fans or people – in general – to reply and ask what is planned.

While Itoi has repeatedly said he won't create a fourth entry in the Mother series, he has also mentioned how he's happy to see someone else take on the project. Could the above message have anything to do with a new game? Probably not, but it sounds like a mang could perhaps be in consideration.

Would you like to see the return of this quirky role-playing series, even if it was only a manga? Leave a comment below.