One of the video game highlights of the past decade was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's a beautiful game that has inspired its fanbase in many different ways and is still being enjoyed by many Switch owners around the world.

We've seen some stunning animations based on the title in the past, but this latest trailer directed by Lee Jumi and Seon Seungyeon is quite possibly the best one yet. It's an absolutely stunning clip that draws on Studio Ghibli's famous art style to retell the story in Breath of the Wild – from Link's beginnings right up until his final showdown with Calamity Ganon. It's all backed by the main theme song, which makes it even more emotional.

Again, this is a fan-made animation. If this is what the fans can do, we can't help but wonder what a professional animated television series or film based on the Zelda series would like nowadays. In 2015, there was a rumour a Legend of Zelda Netflix series was in development, although this was believed to be live-action and we've not heard anything about it since.

What do you think of the above trailer, though? Would you like to see a modern film or animated series based on the Zelda games?