When it was called 'Maricar', the company would even offer up Mario costumes to wear

Nintendo has won an intellectual property infringement court case against Mari Mobility, a company which has been offering unofficial Mario Kart-inspired go kart services in Tokyo, Japan.

You may have heard of this unofficial service before; originally going by the name of Maricar, the company was found guilty of infringing upon Nintendo's Mario Kart property thanks to the closeness of its name and the Mario character outfits given out to customers back in 2018. Like a stubborn child not wanting to go to bed, Maricar decided to ignore this ruling and continued to operate as usual just a month later.

In more recent times, the service has rebranded itself under the name 'Street Kart', giving up on the practice of renting out Mario costumes and going out of its way to distance itself from Nintendo on its official website.

Despite this, a new ruling has found the company guilty of property infringement once more. In 2018, Nintendo was awarded 10 million yen (approx. $92,000); according to Inside (via Kotaku), Mari Mobility unsuccessfully appealed against this decision, with this latest court case now ordering it to pay an increased sum of 50 million yen (approx. $458,000).

Just like it did in its recent court case win relating to the Wii Remote, Nintendo has said that it will continue to take necessary legal measures to protect its products and property.

So, we should probably expect the Mario outfits to be back in a few weeks' time, then?

[source inside-games.jp, via kotaku.com]