Although Pokémon Sword and Shield stole most of the headlines earlier this week when the Pokémon Direct aired, there was some other news at the start about the original Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games being remade for the Nintendo Switch.

While we already shared the date of the release, we thought it might also be worth showing off the colourful box art for the Switch version. It's quite possibly one of the best-looking box arts we've seen for the system so far (and is the same design across all regions):

Box Art

As you can see, it does a wonderful job combing the blue and red rescue teams together.

If you haven't already checked it out, there's also a demo available on the Switch eShop right now. Upon completion, you can carry over your save data to the final game when it launches on 6th March this year.

Below are some extra screenshots and artwork:


Are you planning on adding this physical release to your Switch collection when it arrives? Comment below.