One game worth keeping an eye on is Axiom Verge 2. It was teased last month during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase and is scheduled to arrive on the Switch eShop at some point this year.

The game's creator, Tom Happ, previously mentioned how the sequel would mix Metroid and The Legend of Zelda, and now in the same interview (thanks for the tip, GoNintendo), he has revealed how there's likely to be even more Axiom Verge games released, provided the sequel replicates the success of the original.

This was his exact response:

That’s the plan. Though I might be a bit burned out on AV after finishing 2 and interject a different kind of game in-between.

Tom also mentions how he always reads player feedback and said despite the ongoing requests, he would never turn the series into a multiplayer title, but would make an effort to address any other requests:

I do read player feedback even if I don’t often respond to it. I’ll probably never turn Axiom Verge into a multiplayer game no matter how much people ask for it, but I try to address most other things if I can.

Would you like to see Axiom Verge become a full-blown series or add multiplayer? Share your thoughts below.