Indie publisher Fantastico Studio has announced that Top Run, an endless runner with platform elements, is headed to Nintendo Switch early next month.

The game actually blends its endless runner/platforming action with shooter elements, taking players through an '80s-inspired adventure. You'll play as Kevin and his pet dog, Buddy, blasting your way through a neon city full of enemies, scanlines and pixel art aplenty. Here's a list of key features:

Top Run key features:
- Fast-paced gameplay with varied weird enemies.
- Amazing synthwave soundtrack by Beckett.
- 100+ missions, completing which unlocks cool stuff for Kevin's 80's room
- Tons of cool skins and references from 80s movies and 80s cartoons
- Use superpowers to survive epic battles while you run!
- Shoot floppies to kill enemies
- Collect pixels to upgrade your abilities and gain more power!
- Level up and customize your 80’s room
- Normal mode: fun, challenging and addictive but not the hardest game ever
- Hardcore mode: run, survive, test your reflexes (the way arcade is supposed to be played)
- Rage mode: what others call zen we call rage, let your inner anger out!

The game's scheduled to arrive on Switch on 6th February, just days after it launches on rival platforms.

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