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As the third number of the Gregorian calendar year prepares to flip over from 1 to 2, it's the perfect time to look back over the past ten cycles and start calculating and compiling our picks for Nintendo Games of the Decade. Nintendo has really been on a rollercoaster over that time, beginning with the highs of the Wii and DS era, dipping with the 3DS' slow start and the general sales disappointments of the Wii U before banking up again sharply and climbing back with continued support for the growing 3DS family and latterly with Switch's incredible success.

Looking back, it's clear that throughout those ups and downs Nintendo has consistently put out great games, regardless of platform, and we'd like your help to assemble the 50 best Nintendo games of the past decade. Similar to our previous Nintendo Life reader-voted lists, this ranking will be governed by the games' User Ratings on the Nintendo Life games database.

In order to rate your favourites and 'vote', we've put together the tool below to save you having to click through umpteen game pages. If you know the game you're looking for, fantastic - simply punch the name into the Search bar and click on the star to rate it from 1-10 as it deserves. Alternatively, clicking one of the tabs at the top will allow you to peruse games by year.

By default games are sorted by Review Score in descending order, but typing "sort:title" (without the speech marks) into the Search bar will sort them alphabetically. Once you've voted we'll then assemble the results to create the Top 50 Nintendo Games of the Decade. Lovely!

If you've rated a game in the past, then you obviously needn't rate it again - but if there are games from previous years you haven't scored, use the tool above and help us compile the best Nintendo games from the last ten years.

Nintendo GOTD

We'll publish the results at the end of the year - in the meantime, thanks for voting! Let us know your predictions and how the decade isn't technically over until the end of next year below, and we'll see you after Christmas with the results.