Welcome to a festive edition of Box Art Brawl, where regional box art variants battle each other for the honour of your vote. Christmas is over, New Year is approaching, so it's time to hit the slopes as the snow settles in the interim.

Last week Star Wars Episode I: Racer raced itself to the podium and t'was decreed by you lovely people that the Japanese variant was worthy of first place, with the subtler European version picking up the silver medal and North America nabbing bronze.

Sticking with the Nintendo 64 this week, we're racing once again with the rather excellent Snowboard Kids. We can honestly say that this rivals Mario Kart when it comes to comical racing, and that's not some underhanded snipe at Mario Kart 64, either - Atlus' downhill racer is really good enough to rival the plumber when it comes to multiplayer mayhem. It also gains extra respect for not succumbing to the tired convention of turning the 'S' on that Kids plural into a 'Z'.

So, without further prevarication, let's join Slash, Nancy, Jam, Tommy, Linda and Shinobin on the slopes...



Starting in the east, the cover of Snobow Kids as it was known in Japan features Slash front-and-centre with the rest of the gang positioned around him as they shoot down the slope. The portrait orientation works well here and the cover gives you a good idea of the sort of colourful racing contained within.

Not much else to note here, really. Colourful, energetic - we like it.

North America


The North American variant takes the exact same elements and moves them around to work in the landscape frame. The standard red strip comes in on the right side and the logo moves down while gaining a hot new colour scheme and a little Fido Dido-style smiley.

The same elements reframed, then. We also like this.



The European version features the black border - elegant or intrusive depending on your point of view - but also has some alternative art for Jam and Nancy, along with a totally different background. The sun appears over the mountain tops and Slash sprays up some powder as he winks at you.

Similar colourful elements, different configuration; it's another 'like' from us. But which one's a hit with you?

So, there we are! Click the 'Kids that you think are most deserving and hit the 'Vote' button below:

Which region got the best Snowboard Kids box art?

That's it for this seasonal edition of the brawl. We hope you're enjoying the holidays - we'll catch you in 2020 for another round!