The real NES Classic Mini sold by Nintendo
The real NES Classic Mini sold by Nintendo

Since the success of the NES Classic Mini, we've seen plenty of knock-off versions released that have no official ties with Nintendo.

At a Triangle shopping center in Raleigh, North Carolina recently, an anti-counterfeiting taskforce seized and obtained a total of 340 fake Nintendo systems.

According to a local report, the sellers "voluntarily" surrendered the counterfeit units. While the real Nintendo Classic Mini contains 30 pre-installed games, the fake ones had between 620-800 pre-installed ROMs.

The estimated retail value of the goods exceeds $800,000. The estimated retail value is the amount the genuine trademarked goods would sell for

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall explained the warning signs to consumers:

If it's inferior quality, it may be a fake. If it's 'too good to be true,' it probably is

There's a lot of money in Nintendo's miniature console market. As illustrated earlier this year in April, the company's year-end financial report revealed the NES Mini and SNES Mini were still big sellers.

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