Bayonetta 2

At the start of the year, Switch fans got quite a shock when Nintendo announced the development of Metroid Prime 4 had been entirely restarted. This followed later on in the year with the delay of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

With this in mind, it's nice when we do get regular updates from developers about how their upcoming projects are coming along. In this case, the latest one is about the anticipated Switch exclusive, Bayonetta 3. A Twitter user reached out to PlatinumGames' Hideki Kamiya recently and asked when fans could expect to hear more. Kamiya responded with the following line: "Development's going really well. There you go" (translation by Nintendo Everything).

Sure, it's not much, but after all of the other delays and setbacks this year, it's nice to know Bayonetta 3 is still on track, especially after it wasn't shown at this year's E3.

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