Star Wars Fortnite

Update: Following the strange audio test that could be heard across the map recently in Fortnite, there are now reports a scene from the upcoming film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will premiere via an in-game event (thanks, VGC).

This information stems from the Fortnite leaker ShinnaBR, who revealed the "exclusive scene" will be screened at Risky Reels on 14th December and will feature an appearance from the movie's director J.J. Abrams. Below is a poster of the event:

Since this leak, the poster has also been sighted in-game (via Eurogamer), although Epic has not officially announced the event yet.

As crazy as this may sound, last month Fortnite held a Star Wars crossover event, allowing players to purchase a Stormtrooper skin in the game.

Original Story: Fortnite continues to make headlines. This time it’s in regards to a recent audio message that could be heard in all versions of the game (including Switch) by every player across the map.

Here’s exactly what the brief audio clip said that startled players, repeating: testing, 1, 2, 3. And here’s some video footage, courtesy of the Fortnite leaks and news Twitter account (@HYPEX):

What does all of this mean? There’s speculation it could be tied to an upcoming Risky Reels event or some form of announcement related to The Game Awards. As can be seen in the above clip, the bots in the game also began dancing - suggesting they’re likely involved in whatever Epic has planned.

It’s also been noted how the audio plug-in was the same one used during the Marshmellow event - further suggesting a big event is on the way.

What do you think could be going on? Did you happen to hear this yourself in the game at the time? Comment down below.