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  • Feature Your Beloved Games Console Is Slowly But Surely Dying

    Parts failure. Power issues. Creepy-crawlies. Your system is under attack

    "Everything put together falls apart" is the kind of sage-like adage that you often hear elderly relatives offering up over the dining table in-between moaning about Brexit and discussing the weather, and is a phrase most people under the age of 30 will surely dismiss out of...

  • Feature I Think My Game Boy Predicts The Future

    “What evil might this forbidden technology unleash?”

    The Game Boy turned 30 last month – to the shock of those of us realising we are therefore well over 30. Where did the past go? I think it went into a nook at the end of my bookshelf – at least that’s where I found my old DMG-01, the original Game Boy. Like many reading this, I’m sure,...

  • Feature The Man Who Lost Tetris

    The almost unbelievable story of Robert Maxwell

    Media tycoon Robert Maxwell’s influence on the UK and international games’ software industry is the stuff of legend. As Dan Ackmerman’s writes in The Tetris Effect, Maxwell’s part in the international battle for the rights to Tetris resulted in legal battles between his son, Kevin Maxwell,...

  • Feature The History Of Streets Of Rage

    Mmm... trashcan chicken

    For a lot of us more ‘seasoned’ gamers, the announcement of Streets of Rage 4 brought a tear to the eye. The original Mega Drive/Genesis Streets of Rage trilogy holds a special place in our hearts and after all this time the prospect of returning to take on Mr X’s mysterious Syndicate with our bare knuckles makes us...

  • Random No, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Isn't Coming To Microsoft's HoloLens

    "Introducing the Robber Run Again!"

    A listing for Zelda: Breath of the Wild has hit the Microsoft store, but before you assume that Nintendo has lost its marbles and gone multi-platform, we should point out that it's bogus. While the listing shows the original box art and uses that famous title, the actual game in question doesn't look like...

  • Editorial Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays From Everyone At Nintendo Life

    So this is Christmas

    It's been an amazing year for Nintendo fans, it's fair to say. The dark days of the Wii U are long behind us and the arrival of the Nintendo Switch – now entering its third holiday season – has resulted in a tidal wave of interest in all things Nintendo. Not only has that meant that we've seen a flood of amazing games come...

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