It's been an eventful anniversary-filled week! Pokémon Sword and Shield got off to a sterling start despite its mixed reception, we reported on a stunning Zelda Breath of the Wild bedroom mural that had us looking at our dreary walls in envy, and a remarkable 'New' version of Super Mario Land that popped up on social media.

The Nintendo Life team have gathered to discuss our plans and we'd love for you to join in via our poll and comment sections below. Enjoy!

Gavin Lane, staff writer

I shall be perusing the sales this week in my usual way, and doing my best to resist any spicy deals I come across. Should I get the time I plan to continue my journey through Galar in Pokémon Sword. Perhaps it has something to do with diminished expectations and the fact I haven't played a Pokémon game for a long time, but I'm finding the game utterly charming. Technically, it's hardly bleeding edge, but I'm really enjoying almost everything about it.

I'll also be starting something for review and have a few retro games I’d like to catch up with on the SNES Classic Mini. A little DK, perhaps...

Gonçalo Lopes, contributing writer

I have been working on-and-off on a particular challenging music album for the past two years and the release date is quickly approaching. I would love to kick back and let it happen but there still remains a ton of work to do, so this weekend gaming time will consist of DAEMON X MACHINA, Astral Chain, River City Girls and the ridiculously addictive REKT! High Octane Stunts sessions. In The Hunt is now part of the Switch ever-growing stellar shmup library, so I will give that one a proper playthrough for sure.

Game of the Week is Shin’en latest effort The Touryst (not a typo!). It immediately took me back to old ZX Spectrum “Filmation” isometric video games for some reason, a reality-check to remind myself I am indeed very, very old...

Austin Voigt, contributing writer

I’m beginning to feel like a broken record, but I truly will just be playing Pokémon Shield this entire weekend. I’ve only found the time to put a couple of hours into it so far, so I’ll finally be able to really sink my teeth in this weekend; however, after even just those few hours, I can easily say most of the negative hype surrounding the games pre-launch was completely misguided and ridiculous. Is it a perfect game? No. But it’s very rare that I find myself unintentionally grinning as I progress through a game these days - and that’s precisely what I’ve caught myself doing each time I play. I may just be biased as a (nearly) lifelong Pokémon fan experiencing their first full-fledged HD installment in the series - but I am really, thoroughly enjoying this thing, people.

Liam Doolan, news reporter

This weekend I'll be continuing my adventure in the Galar region. I didn't make as much progress as I hoped I would last weekend. In saying this, I still managed to collect all eight badges over the course of the week and catch more than 100 pocket monsters. With this out of the way, I intend to take on the Champion Cup, so I can prove I'm the very best, and then go and catch a legendary Pokémon.

Which games are you playing this weekend?

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