Update: Pokémon Sword and Shield certainly got off to an excellent start in Japan (see the original story below), and the country's official Pokémon Twitter account has now tweeted that sales have been very good elsewhere, too.

According to the tweet and an official announcement, worldwide sales of Pokémon Sword and Shield currently stand at over 6 million copies after its first week of release, putting it ahead of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch game after one week:

The games sold over 2 million copies in the US alone, making them the 'highest-grossing' launch ever for the Pokémon series. That statement is carefully-worded - as a $60 game it seems to have made more money in the US than any past Pokémon titles in its first week on sale, although most of them launched at a significantly cheaper RRP. Still, it seems the mixed reception with fans hasn't hurt sales of the game.

Original Story: Wed 20th Nov, 2019 11:30 GMT

While Pokémon is unquestionably a worldwide phenomenon, it's especially popular in its native Japan, as the first sales figures for Pokémon Sword And Shield can attest.

The latest mainline entry in the series has sold 1,364,544 physical copies in its first three days of release. that impressive total includes boxed units – (both Sword, Shield and the double pack) and download cards, but does not factor in digital sales, so the actual number is bound to be much higher.

That stunning opening means that Pokémon Sword And Shield has beaten the previous fastest-seller in Japan, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – which cleared 1.23 million units in the same timeframe.

Just like in the UK, the release of Sword and Shield has given Switch hardware figures a welcome boost, too. A whopping 180,136 Switch systems were sold between November 11th and 17th. However, it's worth noting that around 100,000 more were sold in the week that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched.

In short, Sword and Shield have provided Nintendo with yet another smash hit – and plenty of forward momentum as we head into the holiday season.