If there's one series that almost always has us desperate for more, it's Metroid. It's (potentially) lucky then, that the latest rumours suggest a whole lot of Metroid love is headed our way.

Self-professed gaming leak group, LeakyPandy, has shared an update to social media which talks of Nintendo's supposed plans for the Metroid series. In the message, LeakyPandy says that the gaming giant is planning to release two new games "in the next two fiscal years respectively": the elusive Metroid Prime Trilogy HD that has been rumoured for a while now, and a Super Metroid remake that "mimics Samus Returns in style and scope". These would supposedly be in addition to the confirmed development of Metroid Prime 4.

LeakyPandy has a somewhat leaky record when it comes to getting things correct, with a number of Nintendo Direct predictions turning out to be accurate and numerous other claims being significantly less so. We'll let you decide whether or not you place any trust in this latest rumour, but the HD trilogy claim, at least, does sound plausible.

Earlier this year, senior journalist Imran Khan noted that Metroid Prime Trilogy HD was supposed to be announced around the time of the 2018 Game Awards, suggesting that the Metroid Prime 4 reboot was to blame for its sudden disappearance. Between that and the store listings which appeared last year, it's certainly hard to write it off.

Would you like to see the two Metroid games discussed above hit store shelves? Do you think this rumour is likely to happen, or one for the ignore pile? Share your thoughts with us below.

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