Switch Lite

It's no secret that Nintendo wants to expand its audience with its smaller and more affordable Switch Lite system.

The company president Shuntaro Furukawa recently revealed registrations for the new model had a higher percentage of female users and also said there was evidence of a "good number of consumers" purchasing the Lite as their second device.

The Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has noticed this trend as well. Here's what he had to say during an interview with Fortune:

We're seeing a higher percent of female consumers buying Nintendo Switch Lite than buy the flagship. We see Lite as a great opportunity for us to expand with that audience.

While he didn't explain why this might be happening, he did reiterate the comments Furukawa made during Nintendo's latest financial results briefing, by stating how the Lite was "absolutely" aiming to expand the Switch audience:

Our intent with Nintendo Switch Lite is absolutely to reach a more expanded audience and to do so by offering a more dedicated gaming device for those that were really looking for that experience.

The first Switch Lite sales figures arrived at the end of October, revealing the device (as of 30th September) had shifted 1.95 million units. At that point, the new system had only been on the market for ten days. To date, Switch sales combined have surpassed 41.67m million units.

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