Nintendo Switch Lite
Image: Nintendo Life

Now, we all know that the new Nintendo Switch Lite is designed purely for dedicated handheld play, with no obvious way of 'docking' the console for use with a TV or monitor like the original console, but that doesn't mean that many weren't still hoping for some other solution or workaround.

Maybe there's some sort of adaptor that could do the trick? Or maybe Nintendo has hidden a docking solution for future use? Well, sadly, it would appear that no workaround is possible.

YouTube channel Spawn Wave has shared a video which opens up the new console to examine all the parts inside - the very same video actually revealed that the sticks used on the Switch Lite are the same ones from the original model. According to Spawn Wave, the Switch Lite seems completely unable to connect to any sort of monitor.

The explanation comes at around the 16:03 mark. Spawn Wave says, "It appears that the hardware that is needed does not exist on the board, which is a semiconductor that's actually required to... interpret video".

So there we have it. The Switch Lite really is handheld-only, no matter how much you want there to be a secret workaround.

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