One Switch game revealed earlier this year at E3 that you might have forgotten about was The Elder Scrolls: Blades. It's a free-to-play mobile title being ported across to Nintendo's hybrid device this Fall and will support both cross-play and cross-progression.

During an interview with Nintendo Everything, the Bethesda team revealed some additional information about the Switch release. Due to its mobile links, it'll require the player to be online at all times:

having an offline mode is something we definitely hear from a lot of people for the game in general, so that’s something we always constantly look at – like how would we do it. We want to make sure – the online game, we’re adding PvP in the fall, we want to make sure cheating isn’t an issue. So it’s like, how do we do an online mode that makes sense? Right now we’re requiring an internet connection, but in the future it’s something we may add if we can have a good solution for it.

In the same interview, Bethesda confirmed the Switch release would not include touch controls. The team "found that playing with the Joy-Con feels great, and having to take your finger off the Joy-Con to touch the screen was not".

As for amiibo support – it's "something that's on the table" but will depend on the timing and what else is planned for the Nintendo version of the game.

Are you looking forward to the release of this free-to-play Elder Scrolls when it arrives on the Switch later this year? Have you already played the mobile release? Let us know in the comments.